Who We Are

Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA
Wind River

Wind River Tobacco Co., LLC (WRT)  was founded in 2001 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wind River Tobacco, including its affiliates, is a vertically integrated tobacco products manufacturer with principal offices in North Carolina, USA. Wind River Tobacco, a trusted partner in the tobacco industry, operates with a clear vision and an "Anything is Possible" belief. Our core strength lies in our proactive organizational culture, a driving force that propels us to meet customer needs while challenging the status quo. We are more than just a manufacturer; we are creators and purveyors of a rich tobacco heritage that resonates with adult consumers. Our portfolio of winning brands embodies our commitment to excellence.


Wind River Tobacco and Tobacco Rag Processors are sister companies both headquartered in North Carolina, USA. The proximity and shared ownership enables our ability to be fully vertically integrated.


Tobacco Rag Processors


Wind River

Tobacco Rag Processors, Inc. is a versatile supplier of products and services to tobacco product manufacturers and tobacco dealers. Headquartered in the heart of the U.S. tobacco region in Eastern North Carolina, TRP is an employee-owned company that has a substantial presence in the global tobacco industry.


Our Journey

With roots deeply entrenched in the fertile soils of North Carolina, USA, our journey began as a privately owned entity with a commitment to growth and partnership. We have built our foundation on the pillars of vertical integration and flexibility, allowing us to craft a legacy of quality. Our hands-on approach to product development supported by a robust technology suite has positioned us as a low-cost producer without sacrificing the craft and quality our brands' demand.


Our Expertise

Wind River's operating team carries an extensive history and knowledge of developing blends and brands tailored to specific markets. This expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and scale, allows us to navigate the complexities of tobacco manufacturing with confidence and precision. Our extensive portfolio of Cigarettes, Pipe Tobacco, and MYO / RYO, showcases our ability to serve the U.S. market and the ever-evolving trends in global markets.